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My suggestions for Homecoming

A. About mechanics
  1. ORDER and ARTIFACTS are cool additions to Gwent, but unlike Units with ORDERS, ARTIFACTS can only be disrupted some binary counter. People suggested that artifacts should be tied to units, but this would destroy artifacts's indentity. So instead of making artifacts dependent, i think it's time for a paying system in game. I dont talk about a mana system where you have to pay mana to play card.
You start the game with a fixed number of Decrees (or whatever you want to call it, mana for ex) per turn which refills at turn start, this number is tied to each leader. Decrees is only necessary for some mechanics like ORDER (or just only ORDER atm) and has nothing to do with playing cards or other mechanics. You have to pay Decrees to trigger ORDER effect. So if you play too many ARTIFACTS, you have to be careful with how many and which actions you can take per turn. Which this system, some cards can be printed to affect player's Decrees, like reduces opponent Decrees next turn, or increase your decrees next turn, or use all decrees to do something. This could make ARTIFACTS, leaders and some cards easier to balance, open possiblity for new cards, new non-binary tech cards without destroying identity of cards or decks.
  1. A new mechanic i think would be cool for veteran players and deckbuilders. Companion: let you have one more copy of this card at deckbuilding.
  2. Please let blacklisting mulligan back, mulligan away a card just to get it back after 2 mulligans is frustating.

B. About tooltips (mostly for new players's exprience)
  1. Make "SUMMON from deck" a mechanic,maybe give it new name and SPAWN is for on board units only, it's so confusing and unnecessarily complicated when you put SUMMON and SPAWN on a card effect (neophyte, nekker, reinforcement,...), this would make cards's text simple and easier to understand (like old "Summon" and "Spawn" in Vintage Gwent or Recruit in Hearthstone, if you want to seperate cards with deploy and no deploy effect, just use" Play .... from deck" for cards with deploy).
  2. Combine status with token (Ceallach), call it token is much easier recognize on board. There is even a contract "Have at least 5 tokens ... ".
  3. Some cards text have "Enemy unit(s)", some other have "Enemy" only (Gaunter has both on his text). I know this is not much of a big deal but ARTIFACT is a thing, maybe future card tribe, it's better to be correctly specific on card text.
C. About visual
  1. Please make boards more colorful or more contrast (Lyria board is awesome), make cards slightly shinier, i avoided playing monster from Homecoming because their boards combined with cards in hand make an unnecessarily dark and gritty environment until i saw the lyria bundle pack.
  2. Please let gold cards be more highlighted, on board, in hand, in deckbuilder.
  3. Let Leaders's ability trigger be more impactful, some leaders's triggers are just ... weak.
  4. Let cards have more weight when they come to boards, right now most of cards are too light, also it would be awesome if we have some slight shaking effect, especially when there is a move effect or damaging effect happens.
  5. It would be awesome if leaders can move or have some actions like getting help fixing clothes from servants, drinking, sniffing flowers, ... right now leaders standing still are not interesting at all. Also please make emote icon easier to notice.
  6. When a card, that being placed on Melee or Ranged row could do something, is being hovered on hand, or when about to be played, let the row icon on board shines, also if cards effect have been strengthen (like bloodthirst cards), let them shines too.
D. About sounds
  1. I know CDPR need a rest after 6 months of working on homecoming so i can only hope that soon we can get death sound effects of both units and artifacts.
  2. Let leaders interact have more kinds of sounds or voice when interact with other leaders, or when a big swing happens, or when time is almost up etc.
E. About game features
  1. Cards history still needs to be improved, especially when it comes to banished cards. Also it would be awesome if we have something to track banished cards.
  2. A Gwent game average time is really long atm, maybe reduce time rope, or distribute the time to play and the time to trigger effect. For example, instead of having total 30s to play cards, triggering effect, we would have 15s to play a card (or trigger effect first) and 15s to trigger effects. After 15 seconds playing no cards and triggering no effect results in discarding a random card. If a card is played, no effect left to trigger, turns end after 2-4 seconds randomly or immediately when you have no trap cards ( to prevent opponent guessing trap card from immediate end turn). If a card is played you have 15 seconds to trigger effects. So if a player plays a card quickly after like 5 secs, he would take a little to no time to trigger effects too, so a turn ends way faster than 30s total. A player that needs time to think would use all 15 seconds before playing a card, or can just simply play and bounce card back to take all 30 seconds to do what he/she wants.
  3. Deck builder: some ideas i think would be really helpful for players (especially new ones)
  1. GG Button: it's the simple, small thing that counts. GG button right now is easy to be missed and there is no way to get it back after first page of post-game results.
  2. Open multiple packs : let us open multiple packs at one time. For example opening 5 packs so we get 20 cards immediately and choose 1 of 3 fives times on a row.
  3. Cards provisions in pack opening: mostly for new players or players that want to build a good deck without spening too much resources.
F. Something for new player's exprience
  1. Please bring back challenges, Gwent has became more complicated since HC, let new players have times with challenges to undestand some mechanics, maybe rewards them with statue of leaders (no emote, no animations, only statue so they still need to unlock premium ones in reward trees)
  2. Give player a guide tour of UI. Especially the tracking of daily rounds ( in my opinion it would be better if daily rounds track is moved to quest tab ) . Some tips a while would be awesome too (especially telling new ones to get into ranked asap). Or let guide tour an option that can be visited any time in setting, maybe a contract for complete guide tour.
  3. Spectator mode: this would take a lot of time and resources but i hope we can get this asap, maybe atm let player watch pro ladder match with names censored? Like getting into a queue but instead of finding opponent we find a match to spectate instead. (Only 1 spectator per match, and guide tour let new player watch a match or something?)
  4. New player status: i dont mean a buff (like free kegs or some crazy generousity), but a status for first 30 level of 0 prestige to help them collect as many cards as possible. Some thing like always getting ores from GG, increased chance of getting reward points, ores from milestones,... No need to be over killed, just make new player's progression much comfortable.
G. Words from a veteran player: I have 1k hours in gwent, i know it's not that much compared to others but it's enough to show how much i love this game and CDPR in general. At first i am worried about HC, like the 3 cards drawn per round or 2 copies of bronze, (things like 2 rows that matter, orders, artifacts and provisions interest me tho) but after trying new game i see why CDPR makes HC. Vintage gwent is gone and i accept that, future Gwent is homecoming whether some people like it or not, so i chose to stay with it. I hope CDPR not only keep doing all the good work they have been doing (card arts are always on top for ex) but also learns from failure in Beta. Vintage Gwent has a lot of problems but it also has its own beauty, this is only basic set of new Gwent so we cant ask much but i hope CDPR can implement something from Vintage gwent that can fit it new one.
P/s: what happens with Shupe? Its eyes used to be naive and full of energy, the new eyes are soulless and tiring.
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